iPad CMTE's for Music Therapists

Bonnie HeadshotBonnie Hayhurst, MT-BC is a board certified music therapist, neurologic music therapist and owner of The Groovy Garfoose. In addition to reviewing apps on her blog and advocating for the benefits of the iPad as a tool for music therapists, Bonnie is the online instructor for the iPad course at Music Therapy Ed.

iPad CMTE Course

Number of CMTEs: 9 Price: $149.00

Learning Objectives
1. Select and adapt musical instruments and equipment on the iPad consistent with treatment needs. (SOP I.C.11.)
2. Select and prepare non-musical materials, via the iPad, consistent with music therapy goals and client’s learning styles (e.g., adaptive devices, visual aids). (SOP I.C.12.)
3. Structure and organize music therapy experiences using the iPad within each session to create therapeutic contour (e.g., transitions, pacing, sequencing, energy level, intensity) (SOP I.C.14.)
4. Develop and enhance technology skills using the iPad. (SOP IV.A.7.)


Reviews of Bonnie's iPad Courses:

“Would I recommend this course to others? Absolutely! It's soooo relevant to what's happening in therapy right now, and I feel I can now serve my younger clients better. This was one of the best CMTE's I have ever taken part in. I will definitely be looking at this website for future courses!” ~Desiree Luong, MT-BC | San Antonio, TX

“This course is fantastic! Bonnie's detailed expertise about the apps and equipment used with the iPad helped me to take my knowledge to the next level. I also liked that she gave us the therapeutic use for each app. I've already begun incorporating things that I learned during the course into my sessions.” ~Linda Jedrzejek, MT-BC | Illinois

“I feel empowered when using my IPad now. I am much more comfortable and confident to incorporate it into my sessions. Now, if I don’t have time (or don’t feel like it), I won’t need to transpose a song-just tweak it in OnSong. Nothing could be better about this course. It was perfect for me. And if I can do this (being technologically challenged), then anyone can do it! Thank you, Bonnie, for offering this course. You were a good teacher-giving us enough tools in our IPad toolbox to start with in this tech journey! What a cool and fun class too!”~Amy Wilson, MA, MT-BC | Will, IL

“While I was utilizing some apps in my last job, I feel much more empowered now. This was so professionally done. Great pacing, material, handouts, support. What a fantastic way to do a CMTE!!! I loved the direct application through talking about specific interventions to use with each app.” ~Leslie Meadows, MA, MT-BC | Medina, OH

“I now have increased confidence using the iPad. I appreciated the video “how to” demonstrations and the FB group the most! I would recommend this course because it is very informative with continued support fro
m peers and the instructor.” ~Lora Barthelman, MS, MT-BC