As a music therapist, I've learned to rely on numerous resources and technology to better serve my clients, streamline my business and well, just keep things groovy!


  • Music Notes-is a fabulous website for downloading and printing music. Become a member and  save 10% off all purchases! If that wasn't enough, they offer an app which allows you to use all the music you've purchased again and again in digital form.  For my full review click here.
  • Ultimate Guitar- has been my 'ultimate' resource for lead sheets since I became a board certified music therapist in 2005.  UG gives you access to over 250,000 songs and allows you to transpose those songs to any key...uh, yes please!? Definitely a great feature for MT's that need to adapt for teaching or therapy!  UG also offers an app for all devices which I highly recommend to MT's on the go.
  • Blank Sheet Music-no need to EVER buy staff paper again.  This website provides you with tons of formatting options for printing blank staff paper. That is, unless you have a printer that is doing this.


  • Music Is Elementary-is my number one source for music instruments, methods books and music therapy resources. They have the best prices (and believe me, I've checked!) and they are local (to me, at least).  MIE also ships anywhere in the US of A.
  • Remo-I heart drums! I wouldn't really call myself a drum expert, but I do have an ever expanding collection of Remo drums that my clients (and I!) enjoy.  My first drum circle was through Remo and I will never forget the intensity, the passion and the soul that I experienced.
  • Bear Paw Creek, LLC-  is your one stop shop for props and bags for the traveling music therapist.  Janet Stephens, owner and head sewist, proudly designs and makes all her products in the USA.
  • Boomtote- is a handy bag designed by friend and colleague, Michelle Erfurt.  I LOVE my Boomtote for schlepping around my Boomwhackers from contract to contract with ease.


  • Pandora- is my favorite app for listening to music. Just type in an artist or song you like and voilà, you have a playlist of music similar to that of what you typed in.  Pandora is a great way to discover new music. Learn more about Pandora in my iPad course.
  • Spotify- is my favorite app for getting immediate access to specific songs and artists for my clients.  I also use Spotify to create specific playlists for clients that can be used for relaxation, lyric analysis and creating listening games like Bingo or Name that Tune.  Learn more about Spotify in my iPad course.
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  • iStockphoto- is my go-to for royalty free illustrations, photos and videos to accompany blog posts, create logos and design album art for my original songs.  Membership is free and comes with special offers and promotions.
  • Picmonkey- is my favorite photo editor on the internet and it's FREE! A must have for editing photos, creating Facebook banners and collages.  I love this site so much, I paid for a membership ($33 a year) to unlock more fonts, art, filters and design features to really make my photos and art stand out.


  • - was founded by my awesome friend and colleague Kat Fulton.  Kat is one of the most passionate music therapists I know. And her vision for this site is to provide high-caliber continuing education to music therapists so that they feel "more satisfied, more fulfilled, and more enriched in your career than ever before".  As both an instructor and student at MTEd, I can proudly say I feel ALL of those things to which I am so grateful!