We are SO excited to share that The Groovy Garfoose has been awarded a grant to offer FREE Self-Care and Respite Programming to families that care for a loved one with needs.  Read on for all the details and we hope you can join our team for the first program Saturday November 16, 2019 from 10am-11:30am at our Hudson Office.  And our deepest gratitude to the Loaves and Fishes Committee for supporting the special needs community in Northeast Ohio!

What is Peaceful Easy Feeling?

PEF is a FREE, self-care and respite program designed for special needs families in Northeast Ohio.  Parents and caregivers will be invited to relax and recharge with other families over coffee and snacks and engage in creative, self care experiences.  Simultaneously, our team will provide 90-minutes of engaging music therapy fun for their kids all of all ages and all abilities under one roof.  PEF will be offered four times per year and is open to family members and caregivers that are responsibly for caring for the needs (no matter how great or small) of others.  


Self-Care For Parents

What is self-care anyway?  Self-care is the act or attitude of caring for one’s well being and personal health.  The goal of our PEF is to provide parents a time of respite from caring for others so that they can in turn take time to care for themselves.  Sometimes the simple act of making time for yourself can help you recharge.  Each 90-minute PEF program will begin with dropping off your family to our team of board certified music therapists down the hall.  From there parents and caregivers will gather in a quiet space to connect with other parents over coffee, tea and noms.  Next our seasoned MT-BC’s will invite you to participate at your own pace in a variety of self-care experiences like relaxation, deep breathing, stretching & yoga, and even drumming.  Each experience will be accessible and no musical experience will be required to participate or enjoy.  Our hope is that by the end of each 90-minute program, parents and caregivers will leave feeling recharged and equipped with practical self-care strategies for coping, relaxation and managing stress for immediate use in your everyday lives.


Respite for Families

While parents are participating in self-care experiences, their families of all abilities and ages will have the opportunity to participate in music therapy fun that will include interactive music-making experiences such as instrument exploration, songwriting, movement to music, individual music making experiences, a snack break and a time of relaxation. Each family member will be engaged by ability level with opportunities for leadership roles for older family members.  Family members will rejoin their parents or caregivers at the end of each 90-minute program.


Register for Peaceful Easy Feeling

When: November, 16, 2019 10am-11:30am

Where: Our office at 105 Executive Pkwy Suite 100 Hudson, Ohio 44236

Cost: FREE

To register your family for PEF, click the button below. PEF is limited to 50 participants.