The COVID 19 Pandemic sure did throw us for a loop when it comes to engaging in live, group music making. However, as Miley Cyrus would say – “We can’t stop and we won’t stop!” 

Here at the Groovy Garfoose we have embraced live, VIRTUAL music making sessions, and it’s been surprisingly fun and engaging!  Especially when it comes to making music with our kiddos.

Our Saturday morning, early childhood “Music Makers” group has thrived during this time of social distancing. Kids and their families have been able to look forward to the weekend by engaging with their peers over zoom!  

Household items such as spoons and pencils become rhythm sticks, pots and pans become drums, paper towel tubes become binoculars, playdough is used to make “cookies”, plastic bags become instruments, and the list goes on…Basically, we work hard to bring the music right into your living room in a super creative, safe and fun way.

Dancing, instrument play, song writing, creative expression, musical games and books fill up our 30 minutes as we rock out and enjoy together!

And not to worry – the zoom “mute” button keeps the live music sounding lovely and our kiddos possible meltdowns or silly comments from being heard by the others in the group. Whew!

Sound like something you and your littles would enjoy? Give it a try.  Registration for winter music makers is up!  Or click Music Makers to learn more.