It’s hard to believe that my music therapy internship is coming to an end. As I reflect on my internship experience, I feel very proud of myself regarding how far I’ve come since I started with The Groovy Garfoose back in August. I’ve continued to develop my musicianship skills, gained clinical experience in more settings than I can count, and most importantly, I’ve developed a greater sense of self-confidence in my skills and abilities as a soon-to-be MT-BC. I hold so much gratitude for my supervisors for their support and guidance, as well as the individuals and their families I worked with for providing me with the incredible opportunity to make music with them.  This goodbye is definitely bittersweet, but I am looking forward to the future and seeing what the world of music therapy has in store for me as a new professional. 

As I am soon moving on into my professional career, I wanted to share 3 movement experiences that I led with various groups throughout my internship. I hope that you’re able to find your own way to use them therapeutically with the individuals you serve. Enjoy! – Abby


  1. “Strength” Movement Experience: Rhythm Sticks as Weights

One of my favorite experiences that I led during internship was this combination of instrument playing and movement using rhythm sticks. I led this experience to the song Stronger by Kelly Clarkson, and we would alternate between tapping to the beat during the verses and mimicking upper body lifting movements during the chorus (bicep curl, overhead press, front raise, etc) For added fun, the group can count their reps together.

2. Halloween Movement Experience: Egg Shaker Ghosts

To create these “ghosts”, I wrapped white bandanas from a craft store around egg shakers. To make them easier to grasp, I would often tie a string or use a hair tie to secure the egg shaker in the bandana. To facilitate movements when working with littles, I piggybacked my own lyrics to The Ants Go Marching. I adapted this experience for older students and adults by using the Ghostbusters Theme. 


The ghosts went up and down one night –  Boo! Boo!

The ghosts went up and down one night –  Boo! Boo!

The ghosts went up and down one night, spooky, silly, what a fright!

The ghosts went up and down, up and down– Boo, boo, boo…..

3. Holiday Movement Experience: Stretchy Band + Wrist Bells

The stretchy band is one of my favorite movement props, and can be used appropriately with all ages and abilities with the right goals in mind. During the holiday season, I attached wrist bells to the stretchy band and group members would hold on tight to help drive the sleigh to Sleigh Ride.