Since March, COVID-19 has rocked our world. We’ve had to learn how to live life from home, which for many has included, working from home, homeschooling multiple children at once, virtual shopping, virtual medical appointments, caring for aging family members, running businesses and sometimes more all while trying not to contract COVID-19. It’s a daunting task with no clear end in sight.

You are not alone.  We are here to help.

Our team has worked tirelessly to find ways to continue to support our clients and community with telehealth music therapy services.  This virtual new world has made it possible for our clients to continue thriving, growing and learning through virtual music therapy services in the safety and comfort of their own home.  There’s no denying it’s different than in person therapy. But one truth remains, human connection is possible through music, on a screen no less.  Music therapy can transcend a pandemic.  Humans can transcend a pandemic.  And we can do it together.  Here’s how.


What is Telehealth Music Therapy?

Telehealth music therapy services are offered over a secure, HIPPA-compliant video connection.  Telehealth sessions are led by our team of board certified music therapists and address measurable goals and objectives.  Telehealth music therapy is not only LIVE, but interactive and accessible to any person no matter their age, ability or location.

What Does A Telehealth Music Therapy Session Look Like?

Telehealth music therapy sessions are jam packed with LIVE music experiences to actively engage and motivate clients to not only participate virtually but also meet social, communication, attention, cognitive, emotional or behavioral goals through:

  • Songwriting and Lyric Analysis
  • Singing in the blanks
  • Instrument Playing with at-home props, ie: wooden spoons for sticks, dish towel for a movement scarf, box of mac and cheese for shakers
  • Games like musical bingo or name that tune
  • Choice and control through screen shared choice boards, choice wheels or visuals
  • Adapted lessons on guitar, ukulele, piano or voice

See our team in action in a telehealth session below:

Who Can Participate in Telehealth Music Therapy Sessions?

The beauty of telehealth music therapy via a secure video connection is that any person can access services from any location with a stable internet connection.  Our team of board certified music therapists have been successfully supporting clients as young as 2 years old and upwards of 80 years old of all abilities and diagnosis virtually since March of 2020.  We have found that telehealth music therapy sessions in which we partner with parents, caregivers or a family member to provide a client in the moment technology, communication or physical support to participate are just as successful as telehealth music therapy sessions in which the client is more independent.

What do I Need to Participate in Telehealth Music Therapy Services?

All that’s required to participate in Telehealth music therapy services is a video-enabled device (ie: computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone) with internet access.  The day before a telehealth music therapy session, our board certified music therapist will send an email with simple instructions of how to login to the secure telehealth session including tips and tricks of how to get the most out of virtual music therapy experience.

How do I get Started with Telehealth Music Therapy Services at The Groovy Garfoose?

Contact to schedule your FREE phone consultation and assessment session.