Practicing music therapy during a time of social distancing and virtual connection has inspired our team to adapt our interventions and techniques. 

One way we have found to connect is through virtual musical games. One of our current favorites is Musical Bingo. While it may look like a fun game on the outside (and it is!), it also is targeting several goal areas, such as receptive communication, problem solving, reading, auditory discrimination, and many more. When playing with a virtual group of friends and family, it promotes positive socialization and engagement. 

Keep reading to learn about our favorite resources for creating a musical bingo experience. 

Bingo Boards

Either make your own Bingo board like our one below, or click this link to create one online. 

Bingo Playlist


Make a playlist like ours on Spotify, but customize it for your own Bingo board!

Press shuffle and have a blast listening to your favorites and see who gets to yell “BINGO!”first.

Interested in Telehealth Music Therapy?

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