Zoom has been an essential app to staying connected during a time of distance these past few months. However, it’s been a new experience to tackle for many. Through trial and experimentation, please find a few tips and tricks below that have been crucial additions to the Groovy Garfoose Team in creating the best quality and success during virtual sessions.

Account Sharing

If you are sharing an account with other paraprofessionals or family members, it is crucial information to know that only one person may be signed on at a time. If you are trying to access the account on two platforms at once, it can create issues, such as, terminating other meetings in progress


Are you using a dry erase board? If so, you may have ran into the issue of words displaying backwards to other participants. To address this occurrence, head to settings and under video make sure the box “mirror my video” has a check mark, in order to create schedules, songwriting sheets, and so much more.

Original Sound Quality

In the advanced audio settings, we have the capability to enable original sound. This feature has been pertinent as a Music Therapist, since the program will mute the quality of the instruments without original sound enabled. 


When in a large group chat, sounds can be delayed and muddled due to connection purposes. When playing instruments all together, I found most success in muting other participants’ sounds so the program can focus on the main song. This addition continues to let clients play without the distraction of delays in the music and timing. 

Screen Share

If you would like to take a virtual approach to creating schedules and songwriting experiences instead of using dry erase boards and printed paper, Screen Share might be for you! When In a meeting, there is a large green button towards the bottom of your video screen. When clicked, there are various options for screens to share, such as a white board, current internet pages open, and desktop sharing. If wanting to move from sharing the whiteboard to the desktop, make sure to “stop share” and then “reshare” or the screen will not change for other viewers. I’ve found screen-sharing helpful for lyric analysis, creating schedules, original visuals, call and response videos, and yoga/dance videos.

We hope these tips will help as you continue to “Zoom” through everyday life!

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