Hello and welcome to the Groovy Garfoose! My name is Bonnie Hayhurst and I'm the owner, founder and director of music therapy here. I'm not kidding when I say I love my job. That's because I get to use one of my favorite things, music, to change lives every day! Did you know music's impact on the brain is so powerful it can help those with brain trauma regain mobility and cognition, ease suffering from chronic pain, assist memory and recall, foster social connections and so much more?
Combine the innate power of music with a board certified music therapist and you get something truly remarkable! Music therapy is a rapidly growing field and The Groovy Garfoose prides itself as an industry leader. Not only do we provide music therapy services tailored specifically to the unique needs of our clients, we also offer contract music therapy services, consultation services and program development catered to the needs of each facility we serve. Please browse the site and see all that we have to offer. And if you're a fellow music therapist, check out my iPad CMTE course on Music Therapy Ed, and the blog which is full of FREE technology tips and app reviews I use in my music therapy work every day. Thanks for stopping by The Groovy Garfoose! Bonnie Sig
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Music Therapy

Maraca Foose IconWhat is Music Therapy and what makes the Groovy Garfoose one the best Music Therapy providers in Northeast Ohio? Click here to find out.
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Who We Are 

Singing Foose IconWant to find out how the Garfoose got his Groove? Look no further. Click here to find out  who we are, what we love, and how hope to change the world.

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Our Services

Bongo Foose IconThe Groovy Garfoose is proud to offer a wide range of services for all age and ability levels. Click here to learn about what the Groovy Garfoose can do for you!
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Cymbol Foose IconThe Groovy Garfoose is always offering new and exciting classes for all ages and abilities. Learn more, join in, or schedule an observation session here.
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The Garfoose

Garfoose Drum The Garfoose isn't just a musical, whimsical, purple and yellow giraffe/moose, he's a constant reminder of why we here at the Groovy Garfoose do what we do. You see, the Garfoose represents a belief: that physical and mental disabilities don't diminish us, but make us better, stronger, and more enriched as a people.

The term "special needs" is one that resonates with us here at the Groovy Garfoose because we feel special needs does, in fact, mean special, unique, empowered and one of a kind—like, say, a giant purple and yellow half giraffe/moose who loves music.

The Garfoose is our way of showing that those things that make us different should be celebrated in a big, loud, and proud way.