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Music Therapy with Older Adults & Hospice

Music Therapy is a non-invasive, person-centered approach to improve quality of life and address mental health needs of older adults. As we age, often our bodies and minds begin to fail. However, music often remains a connection point to the world around...

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Patriotic Music Therapy Inteventions for Older Adults

It’s July, and we are officially planning patriotic session plans. Music therapy sessions can address several different domain areas all in one session plan. Below is a session plan we have used with our older adults in memory care and adult day...

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Register today for Summer Music Therapy!

LLA Therapy & Groovy Garfoose Summer is almost here and we are SO excited to share that we are partnering with LLA Therapy to be their exclusive music therapy provider beginning June 1, 2019!  We are scheduling assessments for individual music therapy...

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Top 10 Instruments That Music Therapists Swear By

Learn about the instruments that we have grown to love and use consistently in our music therapy practice. The Q-Chord is the modern day autoharp. It is easy to use, creates several unique sounds, and anyone can make beautiful music with just...

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