Music Therapy Licensure in Ohio

May I see your license? The answer for Ohio Music Therapists will soon be “Yes!”

On July 4, 2023, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed music therapy licensure into law after more than 15 years of advocacy from our state’s Association of Ohio Music Therapists (AOMT) Task Force.

Ohio Music Therapists will now join the following states who also have achieved licensure – Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Virginia, Washington.

Bold outlined shape of the state of Ohio on a white background. Inside of the ohio shape in small font reads "135th Ohio General Assembly" and in larger, all caps text underneath reads "Music Therapy Licensure Passed." Outside of the Ohio outline in the bottom right hand corner is the Ohio Music Therapy taskforce logo.

What Does This Mean?

Licensure in our state will protect the public from anyone falsifying themselves as a music therapist. It will also increase access to music therapy services, since most education and healthcare facilities in the state require their providers hold a license.

Licensure will hopefully open more doors for Music Therapists to bill insurance companies and/or Medicaid/Medicare. However, there is still more to learn in regards to third party reimbursement.

As with any change that happens within a profession, we’ll continue to learn and work through the growing pains together with passion and positivity!

Learn More

If you are a music therapist who has questions or wants to learn more, please contact the Ohio Music Therapy Task Force via email: or

Also click here to read FAQ’s created by task force member Madeleine Landry, MT-BC.


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This blog post was written by Sarah Chappell, MT-BC. Sarah serves as the Clinical Director and the Internship Director for the Groovy Garfoose. She also uses her clinical skills to support groups and individuals in various school-based settings. In her free time Sarah enjoys being with family and finding time to be out in nature.