Groovy Garfoose Internship

The Groovy Garfoose is proud to offer University-Affiliated Music Therapy Internships in partnership with the Music Therapy Program at Cleveland State University. Read on to learn more about our six-month internship!

Groovy Garfoose Internship

The Groovy Garfoose is proud to offer University-Affiliated Music Therapy Internships in partnership with the Music Therapy Program at Cleveland State University. Read on to learn more about our six-month internship!

About The Groovy Garfoose

The Groovy Garfoose is a music therapy private practice based in Stow, Ohio owned and operated by Bonnie Hayhurst, MT-BC. GG was established in 2009 and currently employs a team of six board-certified music therapists. GG music therapists serve a variety of clientele in Cuyahoga, Summit and Portage County, Ohio. GG provides direct music therapy services to a variety of organizations including preschools, schools, after school programs, adult programs, and community based programs. In addition, GG provides individual and small group music therapy services to clients at our clinic in Stow, Ohio.  Music Therapy Services at the Groovy Garfoose are funded through private pay, waivers and scholarship programs offered through in the state of Ohio.

Who will I get to support during my internship?

At GG, we primarily support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities of all ages. We support people living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), PDDNOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Other Specified), Asperger’s Syndrome, intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), William Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Cerebral Palsy (CP), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), seizure disorders, depression, anxiety, vision impairments, hearing impairments, general medical conditions, and other diagnoses.

What will I be provided as an intern?

Liability Coverage: provided by The Groovy Garfoose

Supervision: Interns will get the opportunity to observe, work alongside and receive supervision from our growing team of music therapists.  This will not only deepen your experience as a developing clinician, but it will help you in establishing important routines (like self care, ,healthy boundaries and work ethic) and rapport (with coworkers, clients and their families) that will be crucial to your career.

Equipment: The Groovy Garfoose will provide access to a variety of musical instruments, props, visual aids, music books and resources and all office supplies needed to successfully plan, treat and document clinical work. The intern will be provided access to a computer at the clinic and a temporary Groovy Garfoose email with HIPAA compliance for the duration of the internship. Interns should have their own guitar and piano/keyboard for practice at home.

Transportation: interns are required to have a car or reliable transportation

What will my schedule look like as an intern?

GG Interns are expected to work Monday-Friday for 40 hours per week to complete the necessary clinical training hours in six months. On occasion, there may be a weekend commitment geared towards giving back to the community or the wellness of our team. A typical week in the life of a GG intern will include 20-25 clinical hours per week with the remaining hours for travel, planning, documenting and supervision. Interns can expect their schedule to stay fairly consistent from week to week as they working alongside a different GG music therapist each day.

Will I get supervision during the internship?

Yes! At GG, interns will receive clinical supervision from our team our board-certified music therapists every week. At supervision, an intern can expect to receive clinical feedback, support, action steps for growth, strategies for establishing a weekly practice of self-care and much more.

Will I be required to complete projects during the internship?

Yes! Every intern is required to complete projects like:

  • Music Therapy Assessment
  • Music Therapy Case Study
  • Songwriting Project
  • Blog Posts
  • Self-Care Project

How do I apply for the GG internship?

Before applying for our internship, we require students to set up an observation (or two!) with our team to see us in action in the community before applying for our internship.  This observation allows you to get to know us and ask questions and can help you determine if private practice internship is the right fit for you. Email to schedule an observation.

We are currently accepting internship applications for the August 2025 – March 2026 internship. All applications must be complete and received no later than November 1, 2024 to be considered for the position. Completed applications should include:

  • Groovy Garfoose Internship Application
  • Eligibility letter signed by your academic advisor
  • Official copy of your transcript
  • 3 Letters of recommendation (1 from music therapy faculty, 1 from practicum advisor, 1 from employment reference)
  • Professional resume including clinical experience and work experience
  • 2 documentation examples (1 redacted assessment report and 1 session plan including goals and objectives)

Completed applications should be emailed to our internship director or mailed to: The Groovy Garfoose, LLC 4494 Darrow Rd. Stow, Ohio 44224.