Cheers to the New Year

Well, we’ve made it.  Whatever this year has looked like for you personally, take some time to acknowledge and appreciate how far you’ve come. Take a deep breath, speak to yourself with some words of kindness, and know that we are rooting for you. For our final blog post of 2023, each member of our team has shared a song that has been personally meaningful to them in 2023. Thanks for following along with our blog this year, and cheers to 2024.

Dear Insecurity – Brandy Clark (duet with Brandi Carlisle)

“This year I got to see Brandi Carlisle in concert at the Out and About Festival with my best buddies and it was one of the highlights of my year. Not only was I excited to finally hear Brandi Carlisle LIVE but Lucius (one of my new favorite bands!) was opening for her. When I arrived to the festival I found out that there were actually TWO MORE opening acts before Lucius and Brandi and one of them was Brandy Clark. While country music isn’t really my thing, when you’re a music geek at a music festival with your music besties, you listen anyway, haha! And I’m so glad I did. Brandy’s set was stripped back and vulnerable and when she sang the hit off her debut album, “Dear Insecurity”, it was gripping and one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. As I reflect on 2023, I’m holding the refrain of this song, “try a little kindness”, close to my heart as an act of self love and love for others in 2024.” ~ Bonnie Hayhurst, MT-BC (owner and founder of The Groovy Garfoose). 

Stop This Train – John Mayer

“This is one of my favorite songs of all time. The lyrics, the instrumentation, and the vocals suck me in, every time. This year I got to hear “Stop This Train” performed live by John Maybe during his Solo Tour. I’ve gotten into a terrible habit of not listening to MY music (fellow music therapists might be nodding their heads along in solidarity). Hearing this song live and spending a night out enjoying MY music helped me get into a habit of starting my day with a little bit of “my” music before I switch it to “work” music. It’s been a nice daily habit. Plus this song always reminds me that life moves fast and time is precious – A good reminder as we gear up to enter into the New Year.” ~ Sarah Chappell, MT-BC 

Damn It Feels Good To Be Me – Andy Grammer

“A personal theme of 2023 was reclaiming self-love and self-acceptance. Post pandemic, social media comparisons of perfection and imposter syndrome were at an all time high and negaitvely impacted my mental health in various ways. The meaning behind these song lyrics have been somthing that I have been working on 1:1 in my own therapy sessions. The universe decided I needed some additional music therapy of my own when my kids found this song one afternoon on our way to occupational therapy. The lyrics and the instrumentation are very upbeat and it quickly became a family favorite and was on repeat many afternoons after that. As a family we have used it to discuss MANY times how and why it’s ok to beat to your own drum and how we shine in ways that might be different from others. If you spend an afternoon with us, you most certainly will here the tag line sung as our own personal mantras. Throughout 2023, this song has continued to remind me that self-acceptance is FREEING and being authentically you can lead to happiness in ways that you never expected.” ~ Abbey Fistek, MT-BC

it’s time to go – Taylor Swift

“If you know me, you know I’m a Swiftie…so it only feels right to share a Taylor Swift song (especially given it’s the year of the Eras Tour). When I first heard this song as a bonus track on the “evermore” album a few years ago, it didn’t really resonate with me. In fact, her other bonus track from the same album, “right where you left me, ” felt more applicable to my life at the time, and I’ve felt that way pretty much up until this year. Given the titles of these two tracks, it can be correctly assumed that they’re about opposite emotional experiences: the former about being left behind and lost in time when everyone else is moving on, and then this track about assuredness and knowing when it’s time for you to move on yourself. As someone who is always trying to figure out the “right” thing to do, this song provides a nice reminder to trust myself when I know something, someone, or a situation isn’t serving me anymore. I also view this song a reminder to consider how I want to care for and honor myself and what I need moving forward into the new year. My favorite lyric from this song, short and sweet is: “But I’ve got me.” ~ Abby Petrey, MT-BC

Young Love – Cleo Sol

“If you looked through my listening history it would be chaotic with lots of pump-up songs, disco, funk, rock, and dance music. I’ve always loved songs that make me naturally want to move or sing because I think it helps keep me in touch with my humor and love of performing. Which are both important aspects of the music that I listen to in my personal time outside of MT. So as you can guess, I don’t have too many slow songs that have a common rotation in my music. But, I think it would be a missed opportunity if I didn’t say this Cleo Sol song has been on repeat for me this year. This songs groove and words are so beautiful that you can just close your eyes and dance or meditate to it (whichever one is more your thing). This year has been a big year of growth for me personally and so many of her words in this song speak to self-love, mindfulness, and kindness. Who doesn’t want more of all of that?! I think that I love this song also for its ability to remind me of the beauty in both my strength and softness as a person and why both are so important in and outside of my work!” ~ Chelsea Falatic, MT-BC

Golden Hour – JVKE

“You know, usually I am a r&b, neo-soul and funk/disco kind of girl. So I am very surprised that all I could think of, was this song. As everyone knows, I was the intern for the 2023 year and am now so so blessed to be working with a group of creative, talented and diligent individuals. It started with a simple TikTok Bonnie thought would fit perfectly as an adapted sign language song, but it grew to mean so much more. The lyrics, the melody, the overall tone of the song created a sense of peace and grounding for me. The last few years have no been easy for me and I imagine it hasn’t been for ALOT of individuals. So being able to obtain a sense of “inner quiet” from a song moved me immensely. I realize now that this song took form of a reflection back to me of sorts. Overcoming, brilliant and allowed to be loved in many different forms and ways.” ~ Diamond Wilson, future MT-BC

The Groovy Garfoose team stands and poses for a photo at Bonnie's house in front of the fireplace at the company holiday party. Front row left to right: Bonnie, Abbey F, Abby P, Diamond.  Back row left to right: Sarah, Chelsea).

This blog post was written with contributions from each of our team members. Front row, left to right: Bonnie, Abbey F, Abby P, Diamond. Back row left to right: Sarah, Chelsea. We wish you a restful holiday season & happy new year. We will be back with more blog posts in 2024!