We are so excited to announce that we are expanding our Stow, Ohio clinic service menu to include music lessons as an option for ages 8 and up! We are pleased to offer individualized lessons on guitar, ukulele, piano, voice, percussion or a combination of instruments led by one of our instructors. Lessons are curated in partnership with the student and their caregiver given the student’s strengths, learning style, music interests and individual music goals they set for themselves with the support of their instructor.  To participate, student’s must be able to attend for at least 30 minutes of instruction and must be able to identify numbers, letters or colors.

Why Choose Us for Music Lessons?

Our team of music instructors are also board certified music therapists and they are passionate about helping each student reach their full potential through music lessons. We approach lessons by centering our student’s music preferences and interests and our team stays up to date on the latest music trends, songs and styles so lessons are engaging and age appropriate and most of all fun!

How much do music lessons cost?

Music lessons fees with our team of music instructors that are also board certified music therapists are listed below:

    • 30 minute weekly lessons – $70 per lesson
    • 45 minute weekly lessons – $90 per lesson
    • 60 minute weekly lessons – $110 per lesson

How do I pay for music lessons?

At the Groovy Garfoose, we aim to make music lessons accessible to everyone and have worked hard to become providers through various state and local funded programs that can help bring the joy of music to your loved one.  We accept cash, check and 3rd party payments from a variety of sources including but not limited to: County Board of DD Funds, ACE FundingAutism ScholarshipJon Peterson Scholarshipthe SELF Waiver and more.  To learn more about 3rd party funding options available in Northeast Ohio, click here.

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