A Quick Note

Hello everyone! I hope all is well and life has shown you a little kindness in your days! I feel very grateful for my time at the Groovy Garfoose. Getting to know you and myself as well has been the highlight of this first half of the year!

The growth of my self confidence has really shaped my experience during this internship. My confidence had the power to be my greatest enemy or my key to freedom. At times, I’d freeze during sessions, music completely leaving my mind. But once I utilized the tips below, I began to soar!

I hope the tips and the chant below will help you during your own endeavors!


A pink background with black text overlay and hands folded in gratitude.The text reads: “See you later. I feel very grateful for my time at the Groovy Garfoose! I have learned so much about being a music therapist, a student and above all, myself in so much depth over these last six months. Thank you all for having me! I’ve included a few tips for any interns out there and an affirmation chant!”
*A pink background with black text overlay. The text states: Tips for internship! 1. You deserve this, 2. It’s Not About You, 3. It’s All about what they received, 4. Be KIND to EVERYONE, even you, 5. Have fun!!!*

Tips for Internship

  1. You Deserve This
    Imposter syndrome will try its best to deter you from believing in the skills you worked so hard to hone. If you did not deserve this space, you wouldn’t be in this space. Keep going!
  2. It’s Not About You
    Sometimes we as music therapists forget that we are NOT performing. We are helping our clients navigate their space, lives and creating skills.
  3. It’s All About What They Received
    This ties into the previous tip. I had a challenging time internalizing the reactions of those who I serviced. However, it was suggested that I “put myself in their shoes“. For example, being in preschool for the first time. You are hungry. Everyone is trying to make you sit in your seat. You have to share in a way you aren’t used to. A lot of change is occurring, and sometimes it can feel like you are expected to be okay with that. Listening to Stephanie Leavell’s Podcast helped me put this into practice.
  4. Be Kind to EVERYONE, Even You
    As we are all aware, not everyone is the most welcoming or friendly. It can be easy to let their habits and attitudes get to you. However, if they see you loving yourself unabashedly, as well as those around you, it will bring them even a step closer to healing the hurt in their hearts. (This also means take breaks and learn to not have shame for that need!)
  5. Have Fun!!!
    This one is obvious! Be your wonderful self and enjoy the time you spend with your clients! Make sure to live outside of music therapy as well!

Affirmation Chant

In my different ventures during internship, I am never in shortage of those who need a boost in encouragement, self affirmations, and love. This affirmation chant can be used in any group, with individuals or even for yourself! Both young and old will enjoy it!

How to:
Step 1. Create a steady beat (feel free to get creative!)
Step 2. Pick three words from the word bank
Step 3. Fill in the blank

*Beige background with three pink and light pink hearts. Brown text overlay states: “I am in love with Me”. Black text overlay states: “By: Diamond Wilson I am (space to fill in the blank), I feel (space to fill in the blank), I believe (space to feel in the blank”*
*Nude background with brown, light brown and tan circles. Inside the circles are descriptive words written in brown and white text overlay: “Word Bank: A Creator, Grateful, Love, Worthy, Healthy, Wealthy, Strong, Happiness, Abundant, Successful, Healing, Peace”*
Diamond Wilson, Music Therapy intern photo

Diamond (she/her) joined The Groovy Garfoose in February 2023 as a music therapy intern. Music has been an important part of both her community and life, and using its power to accomplish individualized goals in therapy has only brought a deeper fulfillment and joy along the journey.