Bonnie Hayhurst, MT-BC

Born and raised in Ohio, I grew up in a musical family.  I started singing and dancing as soon as I could talk and walk.  I began piano at 8, clarinet at 10 and sang in a myriad of choirs from K-12.  

In college, I chose to major in psychology and minor in music with the desire to someday combine my passion for helping others and my love for music.

The Summer before my senior year of college, a neighbor told me about music therapy.  I was instantly hooked on the idea. Changing lives through the power of music? What could be better? After earning my Bachelor's in Psychology at Clearwater Christian College in 2002 I completed my music therapy equivalency degree at Ohio University in 2004 followed by my 6-month internship at University Hospitals of Cleveland.

Since becoming a board certified music therapist in 2005, I have narrowed my focus to children and adults with special needs, medical music therapy and music therapy technology. In addition, I've become a certified neurologic music therapist, opened a private practice, hired on independent contractors, started blogging extensively about music therapy and technology, and developed 2 continuing education courses about the importance of integrating the iPad into music therapy. When I'm not seeing clients or managing my business online, I enjoy presenting about current music therapy topics to students and colleagues at the state, local and national level.

Still want to know more? Take a peak at my full resume on LinkedIn.

The Groovy Garfoose

Why yes! In case you haven't heard, the garfoose is a fire breathing, magically empowered, indestructible, wifi enabled, musically gifted, half giraffe-half moose. The garfoose's creator, my amazing husband, bestowed this special and unique creature to me to promote my business and thus, the Groovy Garfoose was born (Est. 2009). The sole mission of The Groovy Garfoose is to empower and enrich children, teens & adults with special needs through music.
Blue Piano Garfoose

Direct Music Therapy Services

Are available for 1:1's and small groups in one of our studios or in your home. Weekly sessions are jam packed with creative and motivating music experiences designed to help client(s) improve in the areas of need as predetermined in an assessment in collaboration with parents/caregivers. Music therapy  experiences can target: fine motor functioning, communication, eye contact, self-awareness, cognitive functioning, attention to task, emotional expression and much more.
Garfoose playing Keyboard (red)

Contract Music Therapy Services

Contract Music Therapy Services are designed to meet the specific needs of your facility or organization. Contract services can include: individual or group music therapy sessions, in-services, consultation, presentations,  support groups, camps, music technology workshops and hands-on music and wellness workshops. Contact GG for more information about how music therapy can enhance your facility's programming.