Bonnie Hayhurst

My name is Bonnie Hayhurst. I'm the owner, founder, and director of music therapy here. I've been a board certified music therapist since 2005. I earned my Bachelor's in Psychology from Clearwater Christian College in 2002, my Music Therapy Equivalency from Ohio University in 2004 and completed my music therapy internship at University Hospitals of Cleveland. In 2009, I opened The Groovy Garfoose my private practice and we now employ 2 music therapists and proudly serve infants, children, teens, young adults and adults of all abilities in Lake and Summit County, Ohio.

Born and raised in Ohio, I grew up in a musical family.  I started singing and dancing as soon as I could talk and walk.  I began piano lessons at 8, and participated in a myriad of church and school choirs and bands from K-12.  In college, I chose to study psychology and music in hopes of figuring out an occupation where I could help people through music. Music therapy was a natural fit, and since discovering it, I've spent the last 11 years unlocking each of my client's potential through it. I'm an avid lover of music technology and I present and blog about apps and tech regularly. You can read more about me and peak at my full resume on LinkedIn. Bonnie Sig
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Ellen Antes

Hi, my name is Ellen Antes, and I am very excited to be working for the Groovy Garfoose! I grew up in northeast Ohio, and after graduating from Hudson High School, I originally went to college at the University of Connecticut for Vocal Performance. Three years later, I discovered music therapy and transferred to Ohio University,


where I finished my Bachelor’s in Music Therapy with a minor in Psychology in 2015. During that time I completed the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) Level 1 Training and served as President of the Great Lakes Region American Music Therapy Association Students. I completed my internship at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio.  I believe in the power of music therapy with all individuals and will bring that passion and excitement to every session.

The Groovy Garfoose

Garfoose Drum

The Garfoose isn't just a musical, whimsical, purple and yellow giraffe/moose, he's a constant reminder of why we here at the Groovy Garfoose do what we do. You see, the Garfoose represents a belief: that physical and mental disabilities don't diminish us, but make us better, stronger, and more enriched as a people.

The term "special needs" is one that resonates with us here at the Groovy Garfoose because we feel special needs does, in fact, mean special, unique, empowered, and one of a kind—like, say, a giant purple and yellow half giraffe/moose who loves music.

The Garfoose is our way of showing that those things that make us different make us special and should be celebrated in a big, loud, and proud way.