In August 2011 I set out to start a blog.  With the help of my in-house guru, support from the Online Zen community (I heart you Kat Fulton), and a very special logo, I shared my first blog post on September 1, 2011!

Since then, it’s been oodles of grooooovy fun sharing my love for music therapy and my small (okay, BIG) obsession with my iPad!  Here are a few highlights:

In September, I shared a Groovy Hello Song and started a series of blog posts called “There’s An App For That”.

In October, I blogged about Music Therapy month in Ohio and shared my experiences while attending the Neurologic Music Therapy training in Colorado.

In November, I brought you up to speed on all my travels and shared a fun app, Melody Bell.

In December, I shared my favorite series of posts to date entitled, “12 Apps Of Christmas”.

As 2012 approaches, I can’t wait to see what the new year will bring and I look forward to sharing new posts, resources and a few surprises with you throughout the new year. 😉 Until then, here’s wishing YOU a happy, healthy and musical 2012!