Some of the coolest people I know have Autism.  Even cooler, their parents. As a therapist I can honestly say that I have learned more about compassion, patience, understanding and how to be just plain awesome from my clients and their families.  Case in point, the above quote.  Last week “L’s” mom shared this with me.  She recalled what it was like when she first learned that “L” had Autism.  It was emotional.  It was heartbreaking.  But it wasn’t over.  You see this quote was a turning point for her.  It was a reminder, a comfort and sometimes a mantra that she didn’t need to change her daughter’s “Autism”.  She just had to accept her daughter for the beautiful person she was.  By doing this, “L’s” mom became her daughter’s closest friend, advocate and cheerleader.  Even though “L” might not be able to express it in words, she has the coolest mom around.

Autism is a complex disorder that effects 1 in every 88 kids.  It can be scary to accept things or people that are ‘different’.  But I dare you to take a closer look. People with Autism are still people.  People like YOU.  People like ME.

They sing.

They also love the Muppets (And who doesn’t, right?!)

They play drums. [youtube][/youtube]

And they smile.

Photos, videos and content used with permission.