Meet “A”.  He’s a fun, energetic, smart, music obsessed teen who just so happens to have Autism.  Whether playing keyboard, creating medley’s of his favorite songs on keyboard and Q-chord or grooving to the “Silly Silly, Willy Willy, Silly Song” (more on that in another post!)  “A” is truly gifted.  And his grandparents couldn’t agree more.  “He is our gift and his light will continue to shine no matter what.  ‘They’ said he would never do this or that and he has proven all of them wrong.”  Having worked with “A” in music therapy for almost 6 years, I can truly say music has helped him unlock his potential for learning, growing, socializing, communicating, expressing, waiting, taking turns and so much more. And all of that progress started with one word: acceptance.

The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance. –Nathaniel Branden

The purpose of these posts is to not only spread the word about Autism, but to stimulate an acceptance of this disorder.  Here are some easy ways YOU can join the movement for Autism Acceptance:

  • Learn more about Autism at Autism Speaks or the Autism Treatment Centers of America
  • Read this post by Christine Passey, a mom of a girl with Autism, who lists 50 ways you can reach out to families affected by Autism
  • Encourage your family, friends, Facebook friends, Twitter feed and blog readership to do the same!

No person, no matter their disability or diagnosis, should EVER be written off.  Rather, it is our responsibility as a human race to accept, care and support every person for who they are.


Photos, videos and content used with permission.