Happy Fall Y’all!

Now that the fall weather has arrived in Northeast Ohio, Many people, including myself, are ready to partake in every fall themed activity that’s available. ‘Tis the season for Apple picking, pumpkin carving, and sharing a few favorite intervention ideas!

Since Apple picking is so popular during this time, this movement intervention mirrors the same movements as when you pick apples.

The general idea is for group members to work together to manipulate the stretchy band in various ways.

“As Long As There’s An Apple Tree” by Dionne Warwick is a song with a slow and steady beat, which allows for additional processing time during this movement intervention.

  1. Each member holds onto a designated color on the stretchy band
  2. Various movements are taught and practiced in rhythm. Movements include, up=reaching for the Apple to pick off the tree, down=placing the Apple in the bag, shake= shaking all the apples out of the tree, and pull back towards your mouth as if you would take a bite out of your Apple since taste testing is a must!
  3. Play the song! If more visuals are needed, the MT can stand in the middle to act as the tree by holding the many apples. When an individual’s name is called, they will take the Apple and place it in their bag as described in the previous step.

When people go Apple picking, the next step is taking the apples home to either use for an activity or to create something through cooking or baking. The lyrics in this  song include “there’ll be Apple pie” which primes the whole session to follow a sequence, such as writing a song about pie!

Enjoy the fall as you move and groove to the ideas of the beautiful elements this season has to offer!