I really enjoy piggyback songwriting when helping clients reach their goals. One of my favorites is teaching emotions through the pop song “I Got a Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas.

You can play this as a game with feeling flashcards, or just by singing through the song and filling in the end of the phrase. Here’s my version!


I got a feeling, when stomp my feet

When my face gets red

When I cross my arms , I’m feeling mad


I got a feeling, when everything is alright

When nothing’s going wrong

When nothing’s bothering me, I’m feeling fine


I got a feeling, when I start to yawn

When my eyes start to close

When I want to lie down, I’m feeling sleepy


I got a feeling, when I want to jump up and down

When I can’t stop smiling

When I think something’s really cool, I’m feeling excited


I got a feeling, when I want to frown

When something’s got me down

When I feel like I could cry, I’m feeling sad


I got a feeling, that when I want to smile

When I’m with the people I like

When I like what I do, I feel happy


I got a feeling, when I’m by myself

When no one is with me

Yes I got a feeling, I’m feeling lonely.


I got a feeling, that I can do anything

When I solved a problem

When I help a friend, I feel strong.

Can you think of any other emotions? Leave us a comment with your own verse!