Sharing Our Favorites

December greetings! The time has passed by so quickly this year…you know what they say about time when you’re having fun! Our team wants to thank YOU for being here and helping make 2022 as special as it was. We thought it would be fun to wrap up the year with each of our team members sharing one of their favorite instruments or props to use in music therapy sessions, so check out those shares below! We hope you find these ideas useful in sparking some creativity heading into the new year. To everyone we support through music therapy services, we are looking forward to sharing more meaningful moments through music next year. Take care, and happy holidays to those who celebrate!

Bonnie’s Favorite: Lights

Here, Bonnie is sharing a positive affirmation experience using twinkle lights inside some drums. Love it! While this link will take you to Amazon, Bonnie encourages you to check your local Dollar Tree for cheaper light sets (and batteries!)

Sarah’s Favorite: The Gathering Drum

Sarah shares all about how she likes to use the gathering drum, and check out this fun sledding activity! Here’s a link to the gathering drum.

Bri’s Favorite: Water Speakers & AI Website

So cool, Bri!! Bri always keeps our team up to date on the newest tech 🙂

AI Website can be found here

Bluetooth water speakers can be found here

Abby’s Favorite: Floor Dots

Here, Abby shares the creative ways she likes to use floor dots! Similar floor dots can be found here.

Christine’s Favorite: Bean Bags

Christine shares so many creative ways to use bean bags in sessions! If she’s convinced you how great they are and you don’t already have some, here’s a link!

Abbey’s Favorite: Movement Scarves

We love Abbey’s super creative ideas! You can get your own movement scarves here and try these ideas out for yourself!

Another option for scarves can be found here

Chelsea’s Favorite: Desk Bells

These bells are a must-have for many of our team members! Such a perfect intervention share for this time of year. Check these bells out here

Alex’s Favorite: Body Percussion

We love a good body percussion experience! Here, Alex shares how she has used Laurie Berkner’s song, “I’ve Got So Much to Give” with body percussion as an intervention during her internship. Very nice, Alex!