It’s time to advocate! January is social media advocacy month for music therapy. Bonnie and I are always advocating for music therapy with administrators, parents, program directors, people in line at the grocery store, our families, etc. Basically anyone who will listen…

Now we’re asking for your help.

Are you a music therapist?

Are you a parent or family member of an individual receiving music therapy services?

Are you a program director contracting with a music therapist?

Are you an individual receiving music therapy services?

Keep reading to learn how to advocate for music therapy!

Music Therapist

You already know how powerful music therapy is – you’ve chose it as your career. But how can you communicate that with others? By giving specific and intentional examples of how music therapy can address goals for communication, mobility, self-esteem, and memory recall. Give concise and focused responses, and keep your audience in mind.

Parent or Family Member

Are you witness to the positive effects of music therapy with your loved one? Tell someone about it! Emailing a boss, a funding agency, a program director, or even your state representative about a specific experience your family member had in music therapy. You could help ensure that the program or funding continues, and others will receive services, too!

Program Director

You can advocate for music therapy with administrators because music therapy is a powerful marketing tool. Music therapy has the potential to increase healing time, shorten hospitalizations, help individuals reach goals faster, and provide unique services to your facility that others may not offer.


If you are receiving music therapy, you can advocate by letting anyone you know how music therapy has positively influenced your life. If music therapy has made you feel more confident, then tell someone. ANYONE. Be proud of how music therapy has shaped your life, and maybe your story will inspire someone else to seek music therapy services, too.

Good luck advocating this month. Remember, advocating is more than just convincing, but sharing the power of what you believe in!

Miss Ellen