Snow TREE 1Over the course of the next 12 months I’m sharing original songs for piano that correspond to the current month.  Each composition will include nature sounds to enhance the piece and reflect the season (thank you handy, dandy iPad!).  My goal for this series is two-fold.  First, is to make myself sit down and compose on the piano more often.  After 25 years of playing, I can definitely say that it never gets old.  But finding the extra time to do it can be tricky.  My hope is this series will keep me accountable. =) My second goal is to share some new music that you, your clients or students might find relaxing and enjoyable as you reflect on the current month.

This month I was inspired by all the snow, and boy did we get a lot of it in the last two weeks!  There’s nothing like snow for the holidays (as long as it goes away until next December!).  I’ve waited until the very last day of December to share this song of the month with you because I took inspiration from the famous song that we will undoubtedly hear tonight as we ring in the new year. Take a listen to December and see if you can name the traditional Scottish tune I reference in this song of the month. And CHEERS to 2013!

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