Spring-Themed Music Therapy Sessions for Older Adults

Music therapists love a theme! Themes to sessions help to give focus and context for our clients to refer back to throughout. The songs listed below span several decades, and we typically use with older adults and memory care, but could be adapted for any population. 

1. TipToe Through the Tulips (1968)

This song was made famous by Tiny Tim on his ukulele. Perfect for the springtime, it can be used for an individual music making experience by engaging with our clients to strum the ukulele while the music therapist creates the chord shapes.

2. When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin’ Along (1954)

Birds start to tweet, the robins come out to make music, and so do we! Play a recorded or live version of this song while shaking an egg shaker to the beat.

3. Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

April Showers bring May Flowers, and you can make the most of the rain with this classic Gene Kelly song. Use it a movement or songwriting intervention by switching out the word “Singin’” with words like “Dancin’” “Shakin’” “Tappin’” for creative experience!

4. Spring by Vivaldi (1716)

With the season in its title, this classical song is a great way to introduce a new genre into your session plan. Use colorful scarves or mimic a tree blossoming for a creative movement experience.

5. Changes (1971)

Each season brings new changes. Play a recording or live version of the David Bowie song, and every time you hear the phrase ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, change what instrument you’re playing or how you’re playing it!

6. Over the Rainbow (1939)

After all those spring showers, we hope a beautiful rainbow appears. This American Songbook classic can be used in several interventions, including songwriting about what you may see over the rainbow!

7. Spring Vacation (2012)

This new Beach Boys song gets us ready for spring break!  “Looking ahead, with anticipation. Making each day a new celebration.”

8. I Love a Rainy Night (1975)

Spring is filled with rainy days and nights! What other kind of nights do you love? Starry or spooky? Use this song for a fun songwriting intervention

9. Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White (1955)

The trees begin to blossom in the spring. This instrumental version of a classic song is a great time to break out the bongos and have a creative drum circle.

10. Green Green Grass of Home (1968)

We finally start to see some fresh green grass in spring. This song is a great opportunity for lyric analysis of what makes us love our home.

Listen to our spring playlist below and enjoy this new season!