Hooray! High Fives! Kudos! Congrats!  We have met our goal to provide a one week interactive arts camp to teens and adults with special needs this Summer!  I can’t express how grateful I am to EACH person that has given to our cause.  Not only that, but through the power of the internet we have received support and encouragement from Italy, England, Canada and folks spread out all over the US of A.  Some gave because they know someone who has a special needs child.  Some gave because they love the arts.  Some gave because of their own personal experience with someone with special needs.  Some gave because they are passionate about helping others.  No matter the reason, people gave to something they believed in and that is what drives us to do this camp.  We believe that each of these kids is so special.  We believe they deserve the highest quality care and love we can give.  And, we believe that we can give them that through music.

So from my cohorts, Kellie and Amanda, and my biggest cheerleader of all, Dirk, we thank you with grateful hearts!