With each snowy and rainy Ohio day, it brings us one step closer to SUMMER! Summer is filled with warm days, long nights, and new ADVENTURES. One of my favorite adventures from last summer was being apart of the Groovy Garfoose Summer Camp. As I learned, every day of Summer Camp at the GG consist of FOUR very important components: music, art, dance, and LOTS of fun!

Music includes playing instruments with peers, singing new and old favorites, and opportunities for solos which show off each individual’s creativity no matter their musical ability.  Some of my favorite experiences to observe last Summer included: creating a musical rainstorm to “Purple Rain” and rockin’ out with egg shakers to “Rockin’ Robin”.

Art promotes individuality.  Each day campers create a unique masterpiece that fits within the theme for the day (and they get to take home!!). My favorite projects from last Summer included: tye dying shirts (with our camp logo!), creating colored shakers to use in music, and painting rocks to be apart of Northeast Ohio Rocks.

Dance highlights the many different ways that we can move and groove reinforcing there is no wrong way to dance when we let the music inspire us! Favorite dances from last Summer included: the “Blue Danube” Waltz, Ballet to “Firebird”, and “breaking it down” with their favorite moves on the large floor piano mat!

Fun is present in every camp experience, BUT it’s especially prominent on the last day of camp. The last day of camp kicks off with a party filled with favorite music, art, dance activities from the week, pizza, snacks, musical bingo, selfies and special time hanging with new and old camp friends. The last day wraps with a blowout performance in which camper are eager to perform their favorite activities from the week in front of a packed house of their family and friends!

If you aren’t convinced by now how awesome camp is, maybe finding out the theme of 2018 will help…Movie Camp!! Who doesn’t LOVE music, art, dance, fun inspired by the MOVIES!?  I hope you’ll join me and our GG Team this Summer at Movie Camp.   Let the GG Summer Camp ADVENTURE begin!