Winter is almost here, which means snowfall, bundling up in many layers of clothing, sleigh riding, and the holidays! It’s also known as the busiest time of the year, which is why I  wanted to share two of my favorite winter intervention ideas! Check out my piggy-back song rewrite of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and movement experience for all abilities and ages of “Sleighride” below and happy music making this Winter!

Song: “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

Session Type: Groups or Individuals

Intervention: Piggy-back song rewrite

To start, lay out actual articles of clothing (i.e. scarf. coat, hat, etc.) while singing the rewrite to get everyone familiar with the items and the song.

Encourage clients to keep the beat with rhythmic instruments while waiting their turn to pick the next piece of clothing! When each new item is picked, the therapist puts on each article of clothing.


“Baby, it’s Cold Outside”

Lyrics Adapted by Bri Grucza, MT-BC

to the melody of Verse 1:

I really can’t stay (but it’s cold outside)

I’ve got to go away

But what should I wear to go outside?

to the melody of the Chorus:

(client’s name) says I should wear my (coat)

and (client’s name) says I should bring a (scarf)

When it’s a snow storm

This is what I wear to stay warm

Big finish:

I really can’t stay

But now I’m ready, ready to go out-siiiiiiide!

After the song, it’s fun to see client’s reactions as you recap by removing each article of clothing and pairing it back with the client that chose it.

Additional Suggestions: ULTIMATE Music Therapist status unlocked if you can play guitar and sing while gearing up with each article of clothing!

Song: “Sleigh Ride”
Session Type: Groups or Individuals

Intervention: Movement to music with a stretchy band (adapt with just bells as needed)

To start, gather clients in a small circle and hand them a portion of the stretchy band.  Next, pass out velcro bells to add auditory stimulation and ask clients to or provide hand over hand assistance to attach theirs to the stretchy band.

Introduce the song and the movements you want to incorporate that will mimic the idea of the sleigh moving up and down snowy hills.  Movements could include side to side, turning the corner, bouncing and pulling back towards your body which mirrors the sensation of pulling on the reins to signal to the horse to stop the sleigh.

We would LOVE to hear your feedback if you give these interventions a try or if you have a favorite winter intervention you’d like to share! Sound off in the comments below!