♫On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me, iCloud.♫


Cost: FREE up to 5GB

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Description: iCloud is a MUST if you have an iPad and here’s why.  iCloud is a free service provided by apple to automatically sync and store all your content between devices.  That means all those apps you have been downloading the past 11 days *wink, wink*, all your iTunes library from your home computer (PC or Mac) all your iPhotos, calendars, contacts, documents, etc…are pushed to every device you own! Automatically.  Follow the simple steps to set-up iCloud and BOOM, your done.  Download a song on your home computer.  When you head to work the next day it’s already on your iPad.  Record a garageband track in a session and it will be waiting for you to edit when you get home.  Prepare a presentation on your home computer and deliver its waiting for you on your iPad.  There are no extra steps or connectors needed to sync your devices.  Concerned you will go over the 5GB allotment? No problem as your iTunes libraries, apps and photo streams do not count toward your 5GB.

Applications for Music Therapists: iCloud has been the ULTIMATE time-saver for me! Ultimate access to everything no matter which device I use. YESSSSS! =)

Apple iCloud Video: