♫On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, Relax Melodies.♫

Relax Melodies Premium HD

Cost: $3.99

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Description: With over 70 different high quality sounds and the option to combine any number of them into new sounds, Relax Melodies is the PERFECT app for music-assited relaxation techniques. The app offers volume controls for each sound and the option to save your favorite combinations. Another great feature is the timer and sleep option.  Say you want to do a 15 minute music assisted relaxation with a group and you want to include nature sounds like rain, wind chimes and tribal drums all while accompanying yourself on keyboard and reading a script. No problem  Select the rain, wind chimes and tribal drums sounds and then set the timer for 15 minutes and it will give you a count down clock and fade the sound in the last 30 seconds! Who says music therapist’s cant multi-task!? =) Relax Melodies has a FREE version of this app too if you don’t want shell out the 4 bucks out the gate.  The free app gives you a few sounds to sample and combine, however, it will subject you to advertising.  Check out the sample video if you still need convincing.

Applications for Music Therapy: music assisted relaxation techniques, sound effects, work with mandalas, opportunities for choice and control,  imagery and music.

Video Sample: A short video sample of how I use this app in conjunction with my keyboard when working with clients.