We did it! Our first adapted music & dance class, “MOVE & GROOVE,” was a success. Over the course of 7 weeks, 6 teens of all abilities came together to make move & groove culminating in a final performance “Dancing through the Decades” for their friends & family.

Here’s how we did it:

  1. Started each session with an individualized hello song to help us feel the beat & get to know one another.
  2. With the help of a trained dance teacher, we warmed up our bodies from head to toe to music. We adapted the warm-ups to be effective, but also meet the needs of every individual in our class.
  3. A Game! We played movement games across the floor. Some weeks we tried making the biggest steps possible, moving side t
  4. o side, or grape-vining across the floor. We moved many different ways to help support brain development and focus.
  5. BRAIN BREAK. After all that hard work, our brains needed a break before moving onto our next task. We took an improvisatory approach, sometimes faciclitating a drum circle, other times playing a tune on the pentatonic xylophone.
  6. Learning our dance move. Each week, we learned a move from a different decade, the twist, the macerena, the moon walk, even the whip & nae nae. Members of the group were focused and determined to learn.
  7. Before we left for the day, we took some deep breaths and sometimes engaged in a progressive muscle relaxation to cool down.
  8. Goodbye – We sang our goodbyes until next week.

We had so much fun teaching this class, that we’re going to do it again next year!

The class will be on Thursdays 5:45-6:30pm January 11-February 22.

Check the HCER website later this year to register.

If you are interested in volunteering to assist with our MOVE & GROOVE class, please contact ellen@groovygarfoose.com. No dance experience necessary.