Happy Fall! As we begin a new season, school is starting, leaves are falling, and I’m ready to share some of my favorite fall-theme intervention ideas with you.

Movement interventions are some of my favorite. Music paired with movement primes the brain and body to work together to move & groove.

September  by Earth, Wind, & Fire is song with a strong steady beat to engage clients.

  1. Write down several 70s dance moves (i.e., the bump, the funky chicken, disco, the robot).
  2. Put them in a drum.
  3. Have a client pick one out the drum.
  4. Teach a modified version (whatever is safe & accessible).
  5. Have your client help teach it to the group (or practice individually in a session).
  6. Play the song and rock out!

Music therapy in a group setting provides a natural opportunity to practice social skills.

Changes by David Bowie is a great song to use in the fall, as leaves change color.

  1. Start with passing out various hand-held percussion instruments.
  2. Sing the chorus of Changes as written.
  3. Stop the chorus and then sing this altered verse – “Time to make a change. Pass your instrument to the left. What I play is changing. But I’ll still have fun”
  4. Repeat until clients have had a chance to play all or most instruments.

Enjoy the fall, embrace the changes, and enjoy intentional fall music-making!