The Groovy Garfoose was super excited to expand its summer camp to Solon, Ohio. This past week I had the pleasure of co-leading our music, dance and art camp for some very cool teens and adults. I also got to work closely with my colleagues (who planned an incredible camp) and some stellar volunteers as well. Go team! “This is Me” Camp was broken down into four subcategories that shaped the first four days of camp.  





Our “This is Me” theme song reminded our campers of the theme and sub-themes daily, while also bringing to light the fact that – “Here at camp, they say, we’re gonna love you as you are!” (l love that lyric).  Thirty minutes of music, dance and art supported these messages and allowed for self-expression, communication, creativity, socialization, fine and gross motor movements and FUN for our campers and volunteers! After each day, visuals of the songs we sang, played and danced were hung up on a wall along with our art work for the day, including talking sticks, heart collages, self portraits and personal flags. These visuals and works of art created the backdrop for the performance that took place on the final day of camp.  Although campers filled out a reflection sheet at the end of each day to take home to family/friends that allowed them to fully share about their camp experience, a final performance was the icing on the cake. Every camper took pride in introducing, or counting in, a song or dance to share with the audience. Smiles, laughter and happy tears filled our space on this final day, because when you’re creating art and sharing that art with those you love in a supportive space, one can’t help but to feel the joy and love shining through each camper as they proudly exclaimed – “This is Me!”