We’re already a week into October. It can sometimes be difficult to find appropriate Halloween songs for adults that are engaging and familiar.

Read our “Top 10” list of songs we use in music therapy for adults this month.


The Addams Family (1964)

This song has a familiar beat that can easily be played on rhythm sticks, drums, or just clapping. It can also be made into a parody about things you like to do in the fall!


Witch Doctor (1958)

The popular “ooh ee ooh ah ah” tag line is familiar and repetitive. Great for therapeutic singing interventions.


That Old Black Magic (1942)

This song has a swinging beat and can lead to lyric analysis about what exactly that “old black magic” really means.

Monster Mash (1962)

This song has a doo wop feel that can be used in a instrument playing experience with chords of boomwhackers or push bells.


Purple People Eater (1958)

This repetitive song about monsters easily pairs with movement that can be made up by your individual or group.


Time Warp (1975)

This song has a dance that can be easily adapted to fit the needs of your individual or group.


Thriller (1984)

This song has a stronger familiar beat that makes it perfect for playing rhythm sticks or drums.


Bewitched Bothered & Bewildered (1941)

Use this slow & musical song for individualized instrument play on the guitar or Q-Chord.

Witchcraft (1957)

Another great song for therapeutic instrument play. Use egg shakers to mimic the sound of the ride cymbal!



​Ghost Riders in the Sky (1979)

This classic story song is appropriate for Halloween. It has an repetitive chorus that can easily be learned by groups or individuals when appropriate.

The above songs are only just the beginning of how to incorporate appropriate halloween songs with adults in music therapy. Preferred music + therapeutic intent is the right  potion for an effective music therapy session.

Happy Halloween from all of us at the Groovy Garfoose! Stay groovy.