If you’re like me, the “Love songs” for Valentine’s Day sessions are a-plenty. However, after the holiday season, I’m always at a loss for how to continue incorporating “Winter” songs into sessions that are fresh, motivating and addressing my client’s goals. “Let it Snow” wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Then, after a stop to my local barista for an “Iced” coffee on an unseasonably warm winter day, it came to me!

“Ice Ice Baby”
This experience is great for an individual, partner or group and works well for clients of all abilities. It’s super sensory and can be adapted in countless ways.

Using the instrumental track to Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby,” I rap above the track while clients manipulate various instruments and props, passing them to their peers as directed.

The cabasa is introduced first and its sound is described to remind us of crunching snow. We rap: “Crunch, crunch baby/client’s name.”

White egg shakers are then introduced and they remind us of snowflakes. We rap “Snow, snow baby/client’s name.”

Tambourines then remind us of the shivers we get in the cold. We rap “Shake, shake, baby/client’s name.”

Then, the grand finale: ICE. Adding food coloring and glitter to an ice cube tray helped create visually attractive ice-cubes. They were kept in a small thermal lunch box to keep from melting and the students could touch. We rap: “Ice, ice baby/client’s name.”

Each rap verse contained this “passing” direction: “Stop. It’s time to listen. Pass to ______ it’s your mission.”

Thank you, iced-coffee, for this “cool” inspiration.