Ja-make-a-me-YES!  A few weeks ago I met up with my friend and colleague Melissa Wargo-Geesen.  Melissa is a fellow music therapist who works with older adults and hospice clientele.  During our visit she shared with me a new drum project that she and her husband had been working on and it was SOOOO awesome I just had to do my part to spread the word about her amazing products…so here we go!

Ja-Make-A-Me-Drums are high-quality, handmade drum that Melissa and her hubby John made from household items and sturdy tubing from John’s work.  Melissa and John based their drum off Annie O’Shea and Michael Augden’s original design which can be found on RhythmWeb. Each drum is covered in colorful fabric with matching mallet for a stimulating and finished look.

DURABILITY: I’ve already used my drums with several clients and they are quite durable (one of my clients actually dropped one on the tile floor and it didn’t even leave a mark or dent).  Also, The drums (head and base) are easy to clean off with disinfecting spray or wipes.

OPTIONS: Melissa puts a lot of care into her drums, so if you desire a certain fabric color (print or solid) for your clients or students don’t hesitate to ask.  She can also provide you with extra mallets and specific mallet thickness for ease of grip.

COST: The drums are available in two sizes, 10″ tall for $25 and 20″ tall for $42.  Each comes with a matching mallet.

SOUND QUALITY: Speaking honestly, I was sold on the look of the drum immediately, but was curious to test the quality of the sound before purchasing (guess that’s the musician in me talking!).  I was not disappointed.  Actually, I was blown away by the sound quality and my hope is that you will be too.  Here is Melissa sampling the drums…if this doesn’t convince you to purchase a few for your studio, I’m not sure what will!