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Change is good.  So today I want to share my thoughts on Apple’s release of their new operating system, iOS 7.  While some people might be on the fence about the new system, I am really digging the sleek look and all the new features.  Sure, with anything new, it takes some getting use to.  Now that I’ve had a few days to play with it, I want to share what I love about iOS 7 and why these improvements are GREAT for music therapists.  If you are looking for a comprehensive review of all the new bells and whistles of iOS 7, I suggest you take a moment to watch this press release by Apple.  If you’re interested in learning about some of the new features and controls that can support music therapists, read on. 🙂

1) Airdrop – is a new app accessible from the control center and it allows you to share photos, videos and data wirelessly with other users nearby.   Did you take a photo of a client in a session (with permission, of course!) that you would like to share with a parent?  Do you use a data collection app with your clients that you would like to share with a parent right after the session?  Airdrop makes it a breeze to share!

3) Control Center – is a long awaited feature that allows you to manage the things you use most without having to open your settings.  To access the control center, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.  From there you can play music, take photos, access airplane mode and your WIFI settings, and utilize airplay and airdrop.

4) Notification Center – allows you full access to your calendar, reminders, meetings, appointments, the weather and any other in app updates that are important to you.  The great thing about this updated feature is that you can control how much information appears here.

5) Accessibility – Apple has stepped up the accessibility features available in iOS 7 to include controls for persons who are deaf, hearing impaired, visually impaired, physically impaired, learning impaired or those in need of extra support. Oh, and for therapists like us that have the privilege of supporting these folks day in and day out!  AWESOME!

As with any update, there are tips and tricks to optimizing the new system so your iPad or iPhone is running efficiently and effectively.  Below is a little video review of some of the new features I highlighted above with a few tips to keep your iPad in tip top shape!

Optimizing your iPad with iOS 7:

While these are only a few of the updates to iOS, these are the ones that I am most excited about for myself and my clients as I try iOS out this week with clients.  Have you updated to iOS 7 on your iPad?  What has your experience been?


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