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Cost: $4.99

Read the Reviews: iTunes Preview

Description: The developers of SongSheet (SS) have put together a great app for musicians (and music therapists!) that provides you with a way to compose, organize, store, share and even perform your music all within the app.  Coming in at half the cost of OnSong, SS is an excellent and comparable rival.  SS has been designed with intuitive word processing which allows you to compose songs, write lyrics, add chords, change the font size and color all with a simple swipe of the finger.  SS also allows you to import plain txt (these are .txt files) to the app and edit those files to your liking with ease.  As if the editing features weren’t enough, SS allows you to create and organize your music into set lists and share specific songs from those set lists with your clients or colleagues via email as PDF’s for printing.  Want to perform your songs with your clients for a special event?  No problem!  You can customized your set list with special backgrounds and effects, connect it to an external screen for lyric projection, and link to your music playlist for back-up vocals and tracks. And that’s just version 1 of SS!  Version 2 is coming soon and you can learn more here.

Applications for Music Therapy: Bottom line, SS will save you time and money as a music therapist.  Not to mention the advantage of having all your music in one place, easily accessible and adaptable for your clients.  No more schlepping binders of music from client to client to group, etc…it’s time to have the music you need at your fingertips. In my opinion, SS is a must-have app for music therapists!

See SongSheet in action:

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Rs7ufJoNgY’]

*Special Offer*: The developers of SongSheet believe their app is PERFECT for music therapists, so they have generously offered to give away 5 promo codes (that’s a FREE download of SongSheet!) to the first 5 people that comment on this post! Awesome, right?!  When you comment, be sure to include your email address as well as how you plan to support your clients using SS! And a virtual high-five to the guys over at SS!  Congrats Vicki G, Lynne H, Julianne, Tony F and Meg!  Each of you will receive an email from GG with a promo code to download and use SongSheet for free! =)

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