Over the past few weeks I have been sharing some of my favorite iPad music apps for supporting hand-eye coordination, creativity, relaxation, communication, and attention to task in music therapy.  Now you may be thinking, “Wow, pretty cool. Supporting therapeutic goals using technology is great, but what about me? How can the iPad support all the things I do as a music therapist?”  My response, “I’m so glad you asked!” 🙂  The iPad has proven to be an incredible tool for supporting my client’s therapeutic goals but it has also been a great resource for dozens of tasks that I do as a music therapist and business owner.  So, this week’s recommendations will focus on three apps for compiling, storing, editing, reading and sharing music.  First up, OnSong.


Cost: $4.99

Read the Review: iTunes Review

Description: As a rule, I try not to spend more than a couple bucks (if any!) on apps, but I promise, this one is worth the five buckaroos. OnSong is THE must-have app for creating, organizing and editing chord sheets. Simply choose the source you want to import the song from (ie: internet, Dropbox, MobileMe, iTunes) then type in the song title and click import. Watch as the lyrics and chords appear on your screen. Need to make some changes to the lyrics or chords? No problem! Choose from an array of options to edit lyrics, lyrics size/color/font and chord size/color/font. You can even transpose or create repeats/codas with a flick of your finger. Once the song is edited to your liking share it via Dropbox, MobileMe or email. Want to see OnSong in action? Check out my demo below!

Demo Video:


How about you? What is your go-to app for creating, organizing and editing chord sheets?
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