Yesterday, I put the finishing touches on a post recommending Magic Piano HD, a fantastic app developed by Smule.  Later in the day I was downloading some new music and saw an add for MadPad, a brand new music app from the same developer.  It was an awesome (and ironic) discovery which meant this post got a little bit longer. =) So with out further adieu, two Smule apps no music therapist should be without:

Magic Piano HD

Cost: $0.99

Read the Review: iTunes Preview

Description: Not only is this the #1 rated music app in over 80 countries, but it is my absolute #1 pick for keyboard apps.  Magic Piano allows you to create your own songs on three different keyboards AND it comes with a songbook of 45 classical and popular tunes that can be played by simply touching beams of light that fall from the top of the screen. Say what?! Yep, you read that right! Don’t believe me? Watch my sample video to experience it for yourself. =)

Music Therapy Goal Areas: Hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, bilateral movements, listening skills, attention to task and much more.

Sample Video:


MadPad HD – Remix Your Life

Cost: $2.99

Read the Reviews: iTunes Preview

Description: To quote MacWorld, “MadPad makes music out of anything”. To quote myself, “This is a music therapist’s dream app!” =) Here’s how it works. Simply push record to shoot the sounds all around you. Then tap to play. You can even share your music remix with the world, just like the sample remix below.

Music Therapy Goals: This app is so new I haven’t had the chance to even try it in a music therapy session yet! What I can say is the opportunity for creativity with this app in music therapy is through the roof! Here are just a few of my initial thoughts: each pad could represent an instrument, a facial expression, a sensory sound or movement, or even body percussion.  As music therapists we believe that music is all around us and in everything. And this app gives us the power to harness it into endless possibilities!

Sample Remix:


Have you tried Smule’s Magic Piano or MadPad? I guarantee it will make you and your clients SMILE.