Music therapy is a beneficial choice for individuals with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities.

Music is processed all of the brain and can be be a motivator that transcends regular ability. Have you ever been listening to music and then notice you’re tapping your foot?  Music therapists use this phenomenon to assist children and adults with physical limitations improve their motor skills.

Below are pictures (shared with permission) of how a music therapist uses specific interventions to improve motor skills paired with cognitive and communication goals as well.

Strumming the guitar. We are keeping a beat, and using the dominant and non-dominate hand alternatively. This is motivating because without strumming, the music will not continue!

We use adaptive mallets and instruments that make music accessible and rewarding.

Playing the piano helps reach fine motor goals. Additionally, we were playing a start & stop game that helps practice impulsive control and following directions.

Music therapy can increase quality of life by providing music experiences to help ALL clients be successful, have autonomy, and increase quality of life.