Used With Permission from Musical Health Technologies

I’m so excited to share today’s blogpost with you!  A few weeks back I was contacted by Rachel Tubman of Musical Health Technologies.  Rachel had read my “12 Apps of Christmas” series and asked if I would consider reviewing one more app…one that she and her brother designed!  I was so honored to be asked to review it 1) because that’s just TOO COOL and 2) because her brother, Andy Tubman is a Music Therapist and Owner of Integrative Music Therapy Services.  This is the first music therapist that I have heard of who has designed an app, and my hope is that it won’t be the last! 😉 Here are the deets:


Cost: Free ($12.99/month for subscription)

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Description: Perfect for iPhone, iTouch or iPad, SingFit offers you a means to have successful singing experiences no matter your ability. Upon opening SingFit and choosing a song, you have four adjustable support tracks for singing/recording.  The first track (and I think the most important) is the Lyric Coach.  The patented Lyric Coach feeds you the words for each phrase of the song before you sing them.  No more squinting for Karaoke style words on the screen…in fact, no reading skills are necessary, period.  The second track is the Guide Singer which offers melodic support as you sing through the song.  The third track is the backing music and the fourth is the track to record your voice.  All four tracks have adjustable volume controls so you can strengthen or minimize the support as you learn the song. Another awesome feature is the option to change the key of each song higher or lower depending on the singer’s vocal range.  SingFit allows you to practice the song endlessly and, when your ready, record your voice and share it via email, Facebook or Twitter.  SingFit is free to download and offers 14 starter songs (ie: Amazing Grace, America The Beautiful, When the Saints and a few holiday songs) as well as tons of individual downloadable songs by genre including pop, rock, opera, kids, gospel, country, broadway and much more. Unlimited access to SingFit’s entire catalog of music is $12.99/month.

Applications for Music Therapy: Just yesterday I got to try this app with a client diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.  Even though she has long since lost her ability to read and even communicate the simplest of phrases, she still loves to sing. This app was a great tool to keep her on track for every phrase of her favorite songs.  SingFit is also applicable to clients with TBI or Stroke and clients with varying special needs ages 7 and up. Beyond Music Therapy, SingFit is an excellent tool for anyone who enjoys singing!  No musical training needed.  Now that’s a successful app!

Video overview from Music Health Technologies:


If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out SingFit today and get your sing on!  And don’t forget to give Rachel and Andy a follow on Twitter and on Facebook.