It is hard to believe that my music therapy internship with The Groovy Garfoose is coming to an end. I’ve been given many amazing opportunities to work with many different individuals and build strong relationships. It is always bittersweet to complete a journey, but I wanted to share some fun experiences before completing my internship. I’ve had a lot of fun towards the end of my internship getting to know my clients even better with these exciting raps! I hope you find these useful for yourself wherever you are on your journey. Enjoy these two raps that are “rapping” up my internship. – Emily

Rhythm Stick Rap

Tap, tap, clap! Tap, tap, clap!

Listen to my rhythm stick rap.

Tap, tap, clap! Tap, tap, clap!

Listen to my rhythm stick rap.


My name is _______________,

and here is my rap.

I like to __________________,

and that’s a fact!


The color __________________

is my favorite color.

These are the facts

that make me like no other!


Another fun thing

is what I like to eat.

I like to eat _________________.

Keep tapping that beat!


When I’m in music,

I like to ______________ and rap,

and with my rhythm sticks,

I like to tap, tap, clap!

Holiday “Break” Down

My name is ___________________,

and for the holidays,

I had lots of fun

in many different ways!

I ate lots of __________________

and ________________ too,

but listen what else

I got to do.

With my ___________________,

I spent a lot of time.

Let’s keep on listening

to my holiday rhyme.

I celebrated ____________________

around the town.

I hope you enjoyed

my holiday “break” down!