I’ve recently spent a lot of time spring cleaning my virtual world (Thanks, global pandemic). Working almost entirely virtually for the past year has really forced me to spruce up my inbox and google drive. Now I have lots of cute little digital folders. 🙂 However, while I was dusting the cobwebs off my google slides, my non-virtual work tools took a back seat and collected a lot of dust.

Now that I have been vaccinated and my contracts are slowly resuming in-person, I need to spruce up and organize my live music therapy tools and supplies.  As I’ve explored systems for organizing and maintaining a safe and clean work (car) space, here is what I’ve come up with that works best for my life. I hope this is helpful to anyone who is also babystepping back into in-person work.

The Trunk

My husband has never been happier since my instruments came out of the trunk, but they are going back in! Plastic storage bins, green bags, cardboard boxes, etc. all help me keep my instruments contained and organized. I TRY to put everything back into their proper bin at the end of each work day.

The Weekly Schedule

Now that I can’t just open the digital folder with all the electronic schedules and props I have transitioned to an expandable/accordion file organizer.  This helps me organize visuals as well as client files/schedules.

The Themes

I LOVE to plan around a theme but find myself re-inventing my materials every time a theme rolls around. It’s time to work smarter and not harder.  I am still working on creating themed bins that will contain props, lyric sheets, session plans, etc., so I can pull out the appropriate themed box and be ready for a rockin’ session!

The Precautions

I want to stay safe and healthy while I’m back in person. Here is my little cleaning supply tub. You’ll see it allows for a change of clothes and extra masks.

The Self Care

For me, this involves packing things for my car that I’ve had easily at my disposal while working from home or the office.

    1. Hand lotion (so much sanitizer and hand washing makes this a MUST)
    2. Essential oils (Lemon for energy, Peppermint for headaches, Lavender for relaxation)
    3. Snacks (I’m obsessed with Costco)
    4. Water Bottle (Big enough so you don’t have to refill)
    5. Chocolate (it’s as important to me as taking my multivitamin)
I hope seeing how I’m spring cleaning and prepping for more in-person work has been helpful and/or inspiring.