Summer is almost here! Music therapy is so flexible and personalized that we adapt our interventions for each season! Read below to learn more about some of our favorite summer music therapy songwriting interventions.

Go to the Pool

  • Goal Area: Activities of Daily Living
  • Population: All
  • Watch this video for incorporating piggyback songwriting and rhythm into learning an important skill for the summer — packing the pool bag!

I Know What You Did Last Summer

  • Goal Area: Social Skills, Self Expression
  • Population: Teens & Young Adults
  • Sing and rewrite the following lyrics to the tune of the 2015 pop hit!
I wanna know what you do in the summer, [Ah-ah]

What’s your favorite thing to do? [Hey-ey]

I know what you did last summer,  

Tell me where you’ve been?

I know what you did last summer, [Ah-ah]

Make a choice or just tell me [Hey-ey]

I wanna know what you do summer,

Tell me where you’ve been?

I like to _________________ in the summer

It’s my favorite thing to do

I like to _________________ in the summer

I’ve told you where I’ve been!


Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer

  • Goal Area: Self-Expression, Reminiscence
  • Population: Seniors, Older Adults, Alzheimer’s & Dementia
  • Using a familiar tune and concrete choices (i.e.,some favorite summer foods) for a piggyback song that sparks social engagement and increased participation from older adults
Roll out those lazy-hazy-crazy days of summer

Bring out the ___________, the ________________, and _____________

Roll out those lazy-hazy-crazy days of summer

Dust off the sun & moon and sing a song of cheer!


Vacation Rap

  • Goal Area: Socialization, Memory Recall, Communication
  • Population: Children, Teens, Young Adults
  • If your family or a client goes on vacation, engage them in this rap-writing upon return for a fun reflection! Bonus: Make a beat in the background using instruments or Garageband on the iPad!
Summer vacation is the best

I get to take a break, and sometimes rest

I had lots of fun, let me tell you

All the cool things I got to do.

I went to ______________________________ on vacay

I want to tell you it was great.

I saw ___________________ and ____________________, too

Hanging out with my _____________________ was really cool

I ate lots of yummy food

_________________________ was my favorite; it tasted good.

We drove in our _____________________________________

It took _______________________________ hours. It was far!

Now I’m home, and I can look back

At my vacation and write this rap!


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