Happy November! Read this blog post to see how we’re intentionally using the music of the season to implement customized, meaningful music therapy interventions with our individual and group clients. 

Movement Intervention

Goals: Motor Skills, Mirroring

Materials: Recording, Amplification

Song: Turkey Trot

Implementation: Pair different movements to each verse of the song for group members to mirror and engage in the rhythm and joy of this song! Movements can include marching feet, tapping toes, shimmying shoulders, and flapping your arms like a turkey.

Songwriting Intervention

Goals: Self-Expression, Socialization

Materials: Guitar, Whiteboard, Marker

Song: I Thank You

Implementation: Fill in the blanks to a new version of this song. Ask group members what they are thankful for and sing together. Prompting them to sing “I Thank You” each time. Provide a choice board to add an extra layer of assistance so all group members can participate.

Instrument Playing Intervention

Goals: Following directions, comprehension, motor movement

Materials: Rhythm Sticks, Guitar

Song: Turkey in the Straw

Implementation: Use this folk song parody to lead group members to tap to the beat, as well as in the many different ways this re-write prompts.

We are thankful to share these interventions with our fellow music therapists, clients, and community.

The interventions above were created by several members of the Groovy Garfoose team.