Welcome to “The Final Countdown: Internship Edition Part 1.” This is the spot where you can exclusively find my personal experiences, tips, and tricks towards the internship process. Although everyone’s internship journey is different, this blog series will highlight my final countdown as an intern at the Groovy Garfoose, which brings me one step closer to becoming an MT-BC! Whether you’re looking to become a music therapy student, currently searching for your perfect internship site, or just curious about the Groovy Garfoose internship program, this page is for you! Thanks for reading, Bri!


As music therapists in training, we learn a lot about the power of observation. It is not only a prominent skill to have in the field of music therapy, but also throughout life. In class, we are taught how to apply this learned skill toward client goals. But, how can we use observing to enhance our search for an internship?

I would confidently say observing the Groovy Garfoose in action led to the decision that it was the perfect internship site for me. I understand that reaching out to a potential boss is SCARY, but putting yourself out there will actually answer a lot of questions you have before sending out an application or getting a call for an interview. When I observed the GG, I LOVED how my approach to therapy was similar to everyone that worked there, I was in AWE by the rapport they created with their clients and their families, and I RESPECTED how versatile sessions were to fit each individual, no matter how busy the day was. These are just a few things I would have never learned without observing the therapists at Groovy Garfoose before applying for the internship.

What I loved most about observing was that it allowed me to get comfortable with potential internship including bosses, supervisors, clients, facilities, etc without having to commit to said internship. I was encouraged to observe once, twice, even four times to get an idea of what music therapy services were like, what they have to offer, and whether I would be a potential good fit as an intern!

Which brings me to another benefit of observing: you get a chance to show why you would be the perfect fit for the internship. Observing lets the director put a face to the name on the application, lets them see how you interact with clients and family members, and gives you a chance to be yourself around wonderful therapists that you can learn from. Even if the place you observe isn’t the best fit for you, that observation could turn out to be a helpful learning experience that you can take with you on your internship journey!