This time of year we hear the same songs again and again. Here are some new and creative ways for music therapists and families to use the same song to achieve different goals.

Let it Snow


Use a white sheet as your snow and shake it up, down, fast, or slow to either favorite recorded version (or sing a live version!) of this winter classic to help with motor movement, and receptive communication skills. Give everyone who participates a turn to choose how to move the snow!

Let it Snow 

Instrument Playing

Try singing these lyrics with the familiar winter tune:

Oh the weather outside is frightful

But the music we play is delightful

And since making music is fun

Play the Drum, Play the Drum, Play the Drum

You can change the last lyric of the song to any instrument you like! This activity helps with motor movement and two-step directions.

Let it Snow


Rewrite this song to allow for self-expression, environmental awareness, and learn about another friend or family member!

Oh the ______________ outside is _____________

(something outside)                     (adjective)

And the_______________ is so ________________

(something inside)                      (adjective)

And since we’ve no place to ___________


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Enjoy these activities this winter for some snowy fun!

Miss Ellen
P.S. Here’s my favorite recording of “Let it Snow” by Michael Buble!