Why Self-Care?

Self-care is something that should fuel our bodies, minds, and souls. Now more than ever, our team is dedicated to prioritizing time and uncovering diverse resources to help ourselves, our music therapy community, and our clients. Below are some of our favorite resources that you can start using TODAY to begin to prioritize your self-care habits.

Ami Kunimura and The Self-Care Institute

As music therapist and self-care guru, Ami Kunimura’s Self-Care Institute is a beacon of resources to “help professionals decrease burnout and stress with sustainable self-care practices that support a fulfilling life at work and at home.” Weekly emails, courses, self-care challenges and informational blog posts allow for our entire team’s mental health to feel nurtured to best serve our clients. Try her 3-minute grounding meditation by clicking here.


Shine Text

Not only does Shine Text align with our values of prioritizing self-care, but it is focused on”  fighting for the mental health of marginalized groups.” As an 80% BIPOC-owned company, Shine Text empowers everyone to use their app as an inclusive self-care toolkit to help you deal with the day-to-day highs and lows. Download their app here



Liberate is a meditation app for Black Indigenous People of Color. According to their vision, They “believe in a future where the BIPOC community is moving as a unit to help us collectively heal and be free.” Download the app here.



The Fabulous app is used by members of our team, and in our therapy sessions, to help set and keep self-care goals, through evidence-based practice. By “summing up tiny habits into profound long-term changes,” we, and our clients, can reach goals in a fabulous way. Download the app here



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