In 2017, when I started my journey with the GG team, it taught me alot about the importance of self-care. Three years later, the importance of self-care, ESPECIALLY in 2020, couldn’t stand more true. As this year comes to an end, it’s been pertinent to focus on my own personal growth, in order to be the best version of myself to give as a therapist, friend, and family member. Reflecting back on my start as an MT led me to an old blog post about Gratitude, which you can find here:

As described in that post, gratitude can mean something different to each of us. Even my own personal “Gratitude Checklist” has changed over the past three years. This internal comparison has shown the growth in myself over this short amount of time. As we navigate through this challenging holiday season apart, we can narrow in on what we are grateful for until it is time to come together again. Please feel free to use my updated “Gratitude Checklist” as an inspiration to kick start your personal reflection:



Relationship building









As stated in the previous post, I encourage you to take a few minutes out of your day to create your own checklist and to find a safe space to keep it. When times become difficult, revisit your checklist (even if it’s three years later). For myself, it reminds me there’s more to be thankful for than that hard time that I’m experiencing. As I conclude always remember to:


Relax. Reflect. Be Grateful!